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In a civilized society we have an obligation to ensure that every conviction is just. To do otherwise is reprehensible and a sure sign that we've become morally bankrupt.

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We are deeply saddened to announce that Denny Petitt passed away May 10th, 2016 in Menard Prison from his battle with cancer. Denny was wrongfully convicted in 2010 of murder in a self defense case. He was a 3 time Golden Gloves Champ and a Vietnam veteran. After Denny was convicted, his ex wife Donna, and daughter, Kelly, fought tooth and nail to get his case overturned. When Kelly learned about his illness, she immediately petitioned the Bureau of Prisons to allow him to come home for his final days. That hearing was supposed to be held the day he passed.
Our hearts are with the Petitt family during this difficult time.

We are pleased to announce that Denny Petitt has been approved for a full military burial. Denny will be buried at Camp Butler in Springfield, Illinois, and will be provided a two-person uniformed detail to present the playing of Taps, flag folding and flag presentation on May 23, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.

Denny was drafted for Vietnam and soon had orders and was sent to Quan Tri, Vietnam where he drove a truck carrying supplies and spent most of his time in northern Vietnam, from Quan Tri to Phu Bai to Hue and around the DMZ. He was even sent into Laos. A land mine exploded and blew the front end off of the truck he was driving. His injuries were minor but he was shaken.

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On March 30, 2009, Denny Petitt was attacked and severely beaten by his own brother, Tony.  He was punched in the face at least 8 times in a row, while his brother stood over him, repeatedly punching until he wore himself out.  Denny received a black eye, a cut on his forehead, a bloody nose, a bloody lip and a broken jaw.  He wasn't able to get a single defensive move in before his brother, with indifference went and laid on the couch, where he promised to do it again.  As Denny gathered himself up off the floor, an extremely intoxicated Tony was coming off the couch to do more damage, Denny in an effort to stop the beating, did the only thing he could, the only thing that would stop Tony.  He grabbed the nearest object and swung it, hitting Tony in the head, to stop him - not kill him. Once Denny realized what happened he immediately tried to help Tony and told a witness to call 911, but it was too late. 

Tony over the years had become a very violent person, bad enough that the whole family had decided to stay away from him because of his unpredictable and dangerous behavior.  Except for Denny. Denny would often make excuses for Tony and apologize for the way he acted.  Denny would also beg Tony to leave with him if they were out but the Tony who had become such a violent person, would often not listen, wear out his welcome and then have to be thrown out, leaving devastated friends and family in his wake.

Denny had seen Tony fight before and that night he was the one receiving the blows - he knew what Tony was capable of and he knew he couldn't stop him.  

Denny was within hours charged with First Degree Murder.  He spent and hour and a half talking to Detectives because he was too intoxicated to voluntarily waive his right to remain silent. He spent most of that time crying sometimes uncontrollably, as he repeatedly asked the Detectives if his brother was dead, hoping it wouldn't be true.  He repeatedly told the Detectives he didn't know why his brother beat him up, except for Tony being drunk.  He stated that when the two of them drink they fight, meaning they argue, not fist fight.

Denny stated to the Detectives that "it should have been me", "I love my brother" and " I was trying to stop him, it's all I could do to help myself". 

At trial, several Orders of Protections and police reports that were filed against Tony for his violence, weren't allowed in for the jury to hear, including Orders of Protection that his own immediate family had filed against him.  One of those OP's and police reports was filed a month before this happened where a female "room -mate" of Tony's stated that "after Tony finished beating her, he went back in the living room and laid down on the couch", as if it never happened.

Denny's family hired a trial attorney who made unforgivable mistakes at trial and had no real interest in investigating the case.  The trial attorney even said he would hire experts to testify, but when trial approached no experts had been hired to testify.

On November 10, 2010, Denny was convicted of First Degree Murder by a Jury.  On December 20, 2010 he was sentenced to 30 years in prison.  He's 61 years old, that's a life sentence.

Denny is currently in need of an appellate attorney since there were so many errors that occurred during trial.  Including jury misconduct, where a juror was allowed to stay on the jury although the juror knew the family and played on a pool league with Denny's nephew (a witness at trial), a brother of Denny's and a local bar owner who also testified for the Defense.  The trial attorney did not bring this to the Judge's attention until after the trial was over.

"Am I My Brother's Keeper, The Dennis (Denny Petitt) Case"!

"Growing up as brothers, it is a common thing to have arguments and physical fights.  Blaming one another for breaking the glass or eating the last cookie is common among older and younger brothers.  In biblical days, Cane killed Abel over jealousy.  In 2009 one brother was charged with killing the other, not because of jealousy, but because of self defense.  As tragic as the case was for one brother to have killed another, not intentionally but to prevent a further assault, it was more tragic that Denny Petitt was charged with first degree murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison.  This emotional case was plagued with police interview misconduct, jury misconduct and most of all a brother who was attempting to protect himself from further injury other than the broken jaw he already sustained.  Our guest, Kelly Thompson, Dennis' biggest supporter and who also happens to be his daughter."
 ~ Vincent Hill 

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Unreasonably Doubted:

The Defense Case of Dennis W. Petitt.


This website is to inform that Dennis W. Petitt was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced in Sangamon County and his defense was unreasonably doubted by Sangamon County Officers, Detectives, States Attorneys, Defense Attorneys and the Judge.  His family and friends however have never doubted him.